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“Novel Research in Microbiology Journal, NRMJ” is a new blind peer review international and open access journal that bimonthly publishes papers that deal with novel research on microorganisms, including bacteria, yeasts, mold fungi, and viruses.  

Current Issue: Volume 6, Issue 5, September and October 2022, Pages 1682-1767 

COVID-19 pandemic and the evolving epidemiology of Candidemia: A topic of concern!!!

Pages 1700-1712

Ekadashi Rajni; Vishnu Kumar Garg; Rajat Vohra; Yogita Jangid; Richa Sharma

Biodegradation of plastic materials obtained from solid waste dumpsites in Nigeria, using native bacterial strains

Pages 1713-1724

Beatrice O Ojiego; Obianuju P. Ilo; Fatima Dantanko; Shauibu A. Abdullahi; Ibrahim M. K. Gadzama; Paul Bolorunduro; Elijah Ella; Gideon I Ogu

Sponges-associated marine bacteria as sources of antimicrobial compounds

Pages 1742-1767

Amal Nasser Alahmari; Shahira A. Hassoubah; Bothaina Ali Alaidaroos